Community Partners For Clean Water

Community Partners for Clean Water is a cooperative effort between the Water Resources Program of the Chatham County – Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission and local commercial and institutional landowners. The goal of this program is to promote business practices that help protect local streams, canals, rivers and estuaries.

Why Be Concerned?
EPA studies show that as much as 70% of all water pollution is caused by stormwater runoff. As it flows over land, stormwater picks up and carries a variety of materials that adversely affect receiving waterways. These include eroded soil, excess fertilizers and pesticides, litter and yard waste. Vehicles and deteriorating urban surfaces deposit metals, oil and grease onto streets and parking lots. These and other pollutants accumulate on the land and are washed directly into local waterways via storm drains and canals every time it rains.

Preventing pollution is the most effective way to protect local waterways, both environmentally and economically. The cost of preventing pollution is generally about one-tenth to one-hundredth the cost of cleaning it up.

Why Participate?
Participants are guided in the process of how their business can save money through costly wastes of supplies and avoiding costly fines for creating environmental impacts. Beyond just knowing they are doing their part to preserving our beautiful coast, each partner will receive the following benefits of free publicity:

      • Local newspaper ads


      • Billboards


      • Website


      • Radio/Television media


    • Community events

Who Can Participate?
The Community Partners for Clean Water program is open to all businesses, institutional and multi-family residential landowners in Chatham County. Particular emphasis is placed on partners who participate in the following activities:

      • Designing, installing and maintaining landscapes.


      • Maintaining and washing vehicles and equipment.


      • Maintaining building facades and pavement.


      • Hauling or pumping of septic /waste disposal systems.


    • Application of paint or other construction related activities.

While these particular activities may be the focus of the program, any business is welcome to participate
if it has the potential to generate polluted runoff.

How Does the Program Work?
Participants are first provided with information about the effect their business can have on water quality, and specific ecologically sound methods for managing stormwater runoff. Participants then prepare a Water Quality Action Plan (WQAP), outlining the steps they have taken and will take to protect water quality. (Technical assistance is provided.) Once a plan is complete and in place, the business is recognized as a “Community Partner for Clean Water.”

Celebrating Our Partners

Jiffy Lube

Savannah Tire

Savannah Car Wash

Georgia Power

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