Development Along the Coast



As coastal Georgia experiences unprecedented pressure from growth and development, strategies are needed to protect the world class natural resources that enrich and inspire our lives and that draw us to visit and live on the Georgia coast. Techniques such a site fingerprinting, low impact development practices, alternative stormwater and bank stabilization techniques are detailed. This guide is intended for the development community, engineers and land planners, local governments, natural resource managers, conservation advocates as well as for our citizenry.

More Green Growth guidelines from Georgia Department of National Resources.



Green infrastructure — water quality management techniques like green roofs, tree plantings, rain gardens, permeable pavement, that mimic natural hydrologic functions — has been proven to help solve major urban stormwater problems and improve the health and livability of neighborhoods. Cities and others have promoted these practices to commercial property owners as a way to improve stormwater management and, in some communities, to reduce stormwater utility bills (

Green Infrastructure Commercial Benefits

Green Infrastructure Commercial Benefits


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