Ride-Matching And More For The Greater Savannah Area


Coastal Commuters promotes carpooling, mass transit, bicycling and walking in the greater Savannah area. If you are interested in reducing your transportation costs, you can use the Coastal Commuters online ride-matching system to find one or more carpool partners. Mass transit, bicycling and walking are also economical alternatives. Use any of these transportation methods and log your trips in the Commute Calendar within the ride-matching system to see not only how much money you are saving, compared to driving alone, but also how much you have reduced your emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases.

If you are thinking that you can’t risk getting stuck at work without your car, go to the Emergency Ride Home page to find out if you are eligible for subsidized taxi trips in emergency situations.

We hope the Coastal Commuters ride-matching system will become the place to go for anyone in the coastal region who wants to carpool. For more information please visit: www.coastalcommuters.org.

Coastal Commuters

Transportation Planning

Transportation planners work on getting people to and from their destinations safely and in a timely manner, but in a way that preserves our communities and keeps our air and water clean. For more information on how the MPC is working to identify transportation problems and look for solutions to those problems please visit: http://thempc.org/transportation.htm

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